#RockyRecommends: Caraval by Stephanie Garber


Hello and welcome to #RockyRecommends! This week, Rocky is recommending Caraval by Stephanie Garber. To make up for the complete disaster of a photo last week, Rocky got his full model on this week. Look at that pose!

Rocky’s thoughts: Hi I amz Rocky and I amz cat. It is true I amz also model but only on the side cause I am so busy. But I am not too busy to not read this book because it is amazing. I love Caraval and I would like to go. Lots of magic and mystery yes please. I would like to buy a dream in a bottle thank you very much. I’d make a super great edition to the performance since my fluff is magical and everybody who sees it is immediately at my mercy. I usually let them go, but Scarlett and Tella are mine forever. They give quiet good pets. Thank you and 5 out 5 purrs.


You can add Caraval on Goodreads here and order a copy here!

Rocky and I thank you for reading and we hoped you enjoyed!

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