Where I Like To Read

Ironically, this comfy place is not one of the places I read! It’s in my room and my room has no AC or heat. So I get very hot or very cold very quickly.

So, I make a lot of posts about what kind of books I like to read, giving recommendations, reviewing them, and screaming about my favorites. I thought it would be kind of fun to make a post about WHERE I like to read all these books!

The ‘Big Bed’

This is actually in my parents room. It’s the biggest room in the house and we basically place ‘big’ in front of everything in there. The bed is the ‘big bed’ and the bathroom is the ‘big bathroom.’ It also has AC and heat, which is such a blessing when you live on the East coast. My cats also like to sleep here, which is the biggest win of all.

My dad’s office

At night or when he is traveling, his office makes a great little hideaway when the rest of my family is spread out throughout the rest of the house.

The playroom

I usually read here in the evening or when I feel like being close to the rest of my family. Plus, the computer is right there so I can play Sims right away when I’m done reading, haha.

The living room

I read here when I’m home alone or after everybody has gone to bed. It’s smack dab in the middle of the house, so there’s usually somebody in there. But it’s nice to sometimes read downstairs instead of upstairs.

In bed

I actually rarely read in bed. But the sometimes the book is so good or I don’t want to stop that I read another couple of chapters by my phones flashlight after I turned off the other lights.

This was a different kind of post, but I still think it was fun!

Thank you for reading!

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