Meet My Cats!

Welcome and get ready to meet my cats! It’s no secret that I have a deep love for my feline friends. I have six furbabies and I love them very much. I thought it’d be fun to dedicate a post about them and how they came to live with my family! They will be introduced in the order in which we adopted them.


Richard was the first. He came from my aunt’s cousin, I think? Anyway, they couldn’t keep him since they were moving and their new place didn’t allow pets. My dad didn’t want him to be shoved in a kill shelter and he also wanted a mouser so he decided we would take him. He was supposed to be an outside cat, but I fell in love with him and he slowly made his way inside. His old family described him as a “devil cat”, but with the right love and care, he is one of sweetest babies ever. He likes his space, but he snuggles when he feels like it. He also puts up with so much. He will swat at you or bite you but it is so gentle. It’s basically his way of say “no thanks”, but he will let you hold him as long as you want without hurting you. He really is a great cat.


Since Richard doesn’t love to snuggle all the time, my sister and I wanted to adopt a cream-colored kitten. I dunno why we were so set on cream-colored, but we were. When my mom said it was an option to get another cat, I researched the heck out of adoption sites. I found Colsten and exactly a week after my mom gave the go ahead, he was home. He is super laid back and loves to snuggle! A very good furbaby indeed.


Lila is a scardey-cat. She’s very timid and shy, but over time she has really grown into herself! She now loves to sleep with me at night and stands up for herself with the other cats! We got her when my sister’s Girl Scout troupe went to our local animal shelter for a field trip. I tagged along cause ANIMALS. My sister and I met Lila and fell in love. We adopted her the next day.


Awhile after we got Lila, my sister and I wanted to get adopt another cat. We wanted to get a super fluffy one, cause who doesn’t love fluff. My dad, my sister, and I went to go see and hopefully meet a fluffy cat I had seen at PetSmart. While we were looking at that cat a lady came in carrying a kitten. She said she found him on the side of the road and was looking for a place to drop him off. The local shelter was closed and she couldn’t take it home due to one of her family members being allergic. PetSmart was not able to take him and after some pleading with our dad, we decided to take the kitten home and take him to a different shelter that we knew was a good, safe place when they  were open in a few days. Well, my sister and I named him Royal in the car and fell in love. He’s been with us ever since. He’s on the shyer side, but loves cuddles and head scratches.


The one and only! The star of #RockyRecommends! We met Rocky at our local shelter and my sister and I instantly fell in love. Unfortunately, our parents were firm on “no more cats.” We met him when I was the the middle of a intense rehabilitation program for chronic pain. When I got out two weeks later, my parents decided it would be alright if we adopted him if he was still at the shelter. He was. Rocky is a needy, whiny cat who loves food and pets. He is also very FLUFFY!

LFee (pronounced Elfie)

The last furbaby is LFee. We adopted her from a shelter in South Carolina while we were there on vacation. We decided to adopt LFee due to a hard personal thing happening at the time. I was able to decide which cat we were going to adopt, so I took a lot of care in choosing. I looked at all the cats in all the shelters in my area. None of them felt like they would fit into our family. I decided to take a look at the shelters near where we were staying in SC. Lo and behold the cat I was looking for. She’s super snuggly and loves to sleep on your chest. She’s very squeaky and loves food. She’s amazing.

A special shoutout to Coco and Lilly! They are my two dogs and I love them very much as well!

Those are my cats! I hope you love them and enjoyed meeting them. I’m sure they will all make appearances in the future.

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