My Comfort Shows

When I just want to turn my brain off, I go to TV shows. I try different ones here and there, but these are the ones that just make me feel safe and comfortable and at home.



I found this show at a very low point in my life. I had a lot of physical and emotion pain and this was an escape from all of that; it helped distract me and it was a rare thing of enjoyment. I love it because of the horror elements, but they are balanced with characters that I adore. Each season has an overarching plot, but most of episodes is it’s own thing, with it’s own story. It helps keep me interested. I have found I get bored very easily with shows and something new each episodes keeps me invested and interested. I don’t think I could ever profess my love for this show enough.



I stared this show for comedic relief. I wanted something light and funny and my parents had been pushing it at me for forever. I eventually bit the bullet and just started. Well, I’m now one my fourth (?) watch through and it is still on my list of comfort shows,  even if Ross Geller sucks.

Criminal Minds


Yes, I know it’s weird to have this type of show as a comfort show. But, I think what makes this one hit the list is the characters. Oh, how I love them. This is another show with each season having an overarching plot, but each episode is it’s own thing. I get mystery of the case of each episode and working the case is the characters that I love oh so much. It’s a win win.

Disney Channel Shows


I know. I have watched Disney Channel since I was really young. I just grew up with it. Just the happy, bright, lightness of the shows makes me feel comfortable. I don’t actively watch anymore, but I do have it on in the background sometimes. Sometimes just some light, cheesy, fluff is what I need.

Well, those are all my comfort shows right now! Maybe some more will pop up later, but who knows. What are your comfort shows?

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