Books On My Shelf I Want To Devour: Fantasy Edition


With BookCon having recently passed and Tuesdays being a regular occurrence, there are tons of books on my shelf that I have not read yet, but am dying to get into. I have a slower reading pace, so I cannot devour books the way my brain and feelings would like me too. So I thought I would catalog some of the books sitting on my shelf that I want to beam into my brain!

1: Sawkill Girls by Claire Legrand


I recently read and loved Furyborn, so I have been itching for more of Claire’s writing. I was lucky enough to pick up a copy of her upcoming horror novel, Sawkill Girls at BookCon. It’s about girls being angry, girls kissing girls, and just girls. It sounds amazing and I cannot wait to dive in.


2. Whisper of the Tide by Sarah Tolcser


This is the sequel to The Song of the Current, which was fantastic. It was probably one of my favorite settings ever. While I think this one will diverge from the original setting, I can’t wait to read about Caro and Markos and Fee again!


3. LifeL1k3 by Jay Kristoff


Before this was released, it was surrounded in hype. I wasn’t too interested, but since its release it has gotten so many rave reviews that I definitely want to give it a try. I’ll give these robots and Jay Kristoff a shot.


4. The Spy With the Red Balloon by Katherine Locke


This is a companion novel to The Girl With the Red Balloon, but they can be read completely separately. I really enjoyed Girl and Spy sounds just as good if not better. Katherine’s writing style is so lyrical and magical and I’m looking forward to what is in store. I’m ready for more magic red balloons.


5. The City of Brass by S. A. Chakraborty


This was another one that was on my radar, but I was never too excited about. I just thought it wouldn’t be something I would be interested in. But I read a small snippet and it was one of the best things ever! It sounds beautiful and enchanting and I cannot wait to get into it!


And that’s a wrap here! Those are some fantasy books that are sitting on my shelf that I am dying to read. I’m sure I will do different editions in the future since this was really fun!

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