Uprooted by Naomi Novik

*Minor spoilers*


Going into this book, I was nervous. This was the second adult fantasy book I’d tried to read in years and I had to put the first one down in disinterest. But I had heard nothing but hype for Uprooted and I thought the premise sounded interesting enough.

I was not prepared for what I was getting into. I loved this so much. A lot. An enormous amount of love. Love love love.

It took me a little bit to get into it and get used to the writing style, but once I was immersed I really started enjoying myself. I found the writing to be so satisfying. Not exactly what was happening, but how everything was explained. The words flowed, so I could be in Agnieszka’s room at the end of one paragraph and at the beginning of the next I could be in the Dragon’s library a week later. It was woven in such a that it felt seamless and not bizarre for such time jumps to occur.

There was such a wonderful female friendship in this story and it was wonderful, haha. It was just there and I think that was my favorite part. It was just there and it was just good and they accepted each others flaws and forgave each other and made each other better. Please give me more of that.

Ah, just thinking about this makes me all happy because it was all so great. At the time, I found the solution to the wood was a little weird, but thinking back it makes sense.

The magic of the world was really cool and paired with the world building it made something truly spectacular. And compare THAT with the writing style and it gave me something that I can’t stop gushing about.

If there was something I had to complain about it, it would have to be the romance. Yeah, it was more of a backburner story, but it just didn’t seem like it got developed enough. It was just bits and pieces here and there, that came together at the end. I guess I just wanted more bits and pieces before everything came together.

All in all, all I can really say is good things about this book and I’m so happy I decided to pick it up.

A link if you want to read Uprooted as well:

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