#RockyRecommends: The Game Can’t Love You Back by Karole Cozzo


Welcome to another #RockyRecommends! This week Rocky is recommending The Game Can’t Love you Back by Karole Cozzo.

Synopsis:  Eve used to being the odd woman out. As the only girl on her school’s baseball team, she knows exactly how to put sweaty, macho baseball players in their place, and she’s learned to focus on one thing and one thing only―being the best pitcher she can be. But when a freak accident forces her school to be absorbed by the neighboring town, Eve has to contend with a new group of guys who aren’t used to having a woman on their team. And the new team’s star pitcher, Jamie, has no interest in being ousted from his throne. He can’t afford to give up his starting slot to a new pitcher―especially to a girl. As the competition between Jamie and Eve starts to heat up, so does their attraction to each other. Can they keep their heads in the game, or will they end up getting played?


Rocky apologizes for covering most of the cover, but it was very comfy and he’s actually not sorry for staying put cause he says it was a great book to lie on. He would have preferred if just the girl was on the cover, but he can get past that since he thinks it isn’t something that makes or breaks the book. He was very pleased with the story. He loves baseball because balls are fun to chase and bat around sometimes. There were plenty of balls in this story and he says that was a very great decision, but there was also a lot of working out and that is no fun because he thinks sleeping is better. Although, he does say he admires Eve’s grit and determination. Since Eve is so strong she could give him pets forever and he says that is right up is alley. His final verdict is 5 out of 5 purrs.


I agree with what Rocky has to say! I am also, personally, not a fan of the guy on the cover and would have preferred if just the girl, looking badass was on it. It was also kinda jarring to me that there were two POVs. The synopsis made it sound like it would just be told from Eve’s point of view. But, overall I was fond of the story and the ending really struck a cord in me. The conversation Eve had with her mom at the end was really special for me to read. All in all, 3.75 out 5 stars.

The Game Can’t Love You Back is out May 15th! Rocky and I both recommend that you give this book a shot! (I couldn’t come up with a baseball pun.)

Pre-order link: https://www.amazon.com/Game-Cant-Love-You-Back/dp/1250163897/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1524864947&sr=8-1&keywords=the+game+cant+love+you+back

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