#RockyRecommends: Listen To Your Heart by Kasie West


Welcome to the very first #RockyRecommends! This will be a regular series! Every Friday I will post a picture of my big fluffy cat, Rocky, who loves laying on my books, laying on one of my books. I will include a short summary and my personal thoughts if I have read the book. Of course Rocky will include his input as well!

To kick things off, we have Listen To Your Heart by Kasie West! This is about a girl who prefers the quiet of the lake to talking to people. But, when she is picked to be the host of her school’s podcast, her world is turned upside down.


Rocky feels this book is so sweet and fluffy that it’s perfect for a midday nap. He told me that the story was really, really great! He now wants to travel to the lake to get some good relaxation in. He is also a very big  fan of the cover. Very, very cute he says, he would like one of those hearts to take a nap in. He gives it 4 out of 5 purrs!

Me, I also loved this book! I adore Kasie West, she is one of my favorite contemporary authors! I was really pumped to read this one, since the main character has social anxiety and gosh knows I have plenty of that. I really liked the podcast they did! It actually sounds really fun and maybe something I would like to do. I really liked and related to the characters. I give it 4 out of 5 stars!

Thanks for reading the first ever #RockyRecommends! Listen To Your Heart comes out May 29th, Rocky and I both recommend pre-ordering! See you next Friday!

Pre-order link: https://www.amazon.com/Listen-Your-Heart-Kasie-West/dp/133821005X

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