A Wrinkle In Time: Movie Review

*Minor spoilers ahead*

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I love A Wrinkle In Time even though I could never, no matter how many times I tried, get through the book. Nevertheless, I loved the old movie, so I was super duper excited when I heard that a remake was coming!

I honestly loved every aspect of this film. I think the message it portrays is something so important and I related SO MUCH to SO MUCH.

The cast was incredible. I adore Storm Reid. Her performance blew me away. She is so incredibly talented it’s insane. There was one scene that was so wrought with emotion and it was so REAL and so RAW. She is just amazing as Meg. I don’t think she could have been cast any better.

Ahhhh, everything was just so good. I loved Calvin and Charles Wallace and the Misses and Meg’s dad and Meg’s mom. Seeing this was so magical and so incredible. The settings were amazing and breathtaking. I felt as awed seeing them through a screen as if I was actually there talking to the flowers and flying through the air atop Mrs. Whatsit.

For me personally, it touched me so much to see Meg’s story. A young girl wrought with self-hate and with so some much inner turmoil learning to love her faults, learning to love herself, and at the end screaming that she deserves to be loved. She admits she wakes up hating herself and wishing that she could be someone else. And she goes on this journey to finding out that she is good enough and that being her is simply enough. And its gradual and think that’s what touched me the most. It’s not some big reveal at the end where Meg discovers her strength. It’s little moments. In the beginning she, when Calvin compliments her hair, she immediately shuts him down and tells him not to say that. But, after experiencing some of her journey, when he compliments her hair again, she just says thank you. It’s something small, but something so big for me. That is something I went through, I have literally done exactly what she did, but I have learned. I have learned to say thank you over time and I have learned that maybe I am better than I see myself. It touched me, more than I can probably say, to see that part of me on screen.

Oh at the end when she tessers for the last time. After all the pain she went through tessering other times, to see Meg run and jump into it, with a look of complete freedom on her face, looking so happy, brought tears to my eyes. That was so powerful. That was so wonderful.

When Meg gets home, I feel like she still has things to work on. I think her journey of self love and learning of her strength isn’t over. And I love that. It isn’t something that happens over night (even with a life or death, father rescuing journey in between); it’s something that takes time and I’m not sure is ever complete. But to see that was so realistic to me and so amazing. I wish Meg all the best in continuing to find her inner, and outer, warrior.

All in all, this movie was magical. It was incredible. It was amazing. It was beautiful. I loved it so much.

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